17 Mar - 2 April 2018


committee > This community led and operated event is steered by a professional volunteer committee.

Lindy Joubert: President
Graeme Wilkie: Vice President
Karen Pitt: Treasurer
Sicca van Schaardenburg: Secretary

Committee Members:
Janet Barton, Nadia Craig, Emma Doy, Kate Kirkhope, Graeme Williams



Lindy Joubert: President

Lindy Joubert, is a senior lecturer in Architecture at the University of Melbourne, a designer/artist and a Founding Director of the UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education. Lindy was a consultant at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and is the current Vice President of the World Craft Council - South Pacific and she leads community building teams across cultures. She has held thirty-six international exhibitions including six in New York City and is the Editor-in-Chief of the UNESCO e-journal.

Graeme Wilkie: Vice President

Graeme Wilkie has trained in ceramic studios around the world with over 40 years of working with clay. Wilkie’s passion for the medium has evolved into the sculptural realm in concept and scale, challenging perceptions of expression in fired clay. His ongoing pursuit of aesthetics led him to establish Qdos arts, a gallery and sculpture garden offering the scope to bring a greater diversity of cultural events to Lorne. Wilkie was a member of the team that established the Lorne Sculpture Exhibition.

Karen Pitt: Treasurer

Karen Pitt has over 30 years’ experience as a legal advisor to not-for-profit organisations, most recently as General Counsel for Copyright Agency/Viscopy. In that role, Karen helped establish efficient and compliant systems for management of the Australian Resale Royalty for Visual Artists Scheme and has mentored emerging creators organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

Sicca van Schaardenburg: Secretary

Originally from the Netherlands, Sicca has been in Australia since 1982. She has extensive administrative and event management experience, mainly in equestrian sporting events including the 200 Sydney Olympics. Sicca has a keen interest in the arts and was treasurer for the 2014 Lorne Sculpture Biennale. Together with Marion Church, Sicca managed the volunteer program for the 2016 Lorne Sculpture Biennale.

Janet Barton

Janet is an independent consultant who specialises in developing and implementing organisational change strategies. Her industry experience covers the finance, travel and entertainment, industrial, pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunications, information and communications, IT, government enterprise, utilities, not-for-profit and service sectors. Currently she is President of the Wine and Food Society of Victoria.

Nadia Craig

In addition to her business of sourcing, framing and installing artworks for corporate and private clients, Nadia has worked for the City of Melbourne Artplay and Signal, an education arts space designed for young children to early adulthood. She has run workshops and designed programs for The South Project. Nadia has also worked with Parks Victoria running workshops for school groups to produce ephemeral sculpture in the natural environment.

Emma Doy

Emma is a freelance graphic designer, working for the National Gallery of Australia for eight years. While in Canberra, Emma also worked as a volunteer for ACT National Parks, assisting visitors to deepen their appreciation of the local environment and its history.


Kate Kirkhope

Kate is a retired vigneron/general manager of wineries in the Yarra Valley and Bellarine Peninsula, specialising in natural viticulture and winemaking with a conservation focus. Apart from her hands on business experience, Kate enjoys artistic pursuits of pastel and acrylic art, acoustic guitar, languages, and writing.

Graeme Williams

Graeme is a retired architect, has a long association with the visual arts as a collector and has had a hands-on involvement in several art events, including a successful Artist Luncheon series and an annual Arts Dinner. Graeme is former deputy Chairman of the Contempora Sculpture Prize, curator of the Melbourne Savage Club Biennale Art Prize from 2001-2013 and has acted as judge for the Maritime Art Prize since 2012.