17 Mar - 2 April 2018

sculpture trail


sculpture trail

Sculpture Trail & Maquette Exhibition
35 sculptors have been selected to be part of the sculpture trail which will extend from the pier along the coastal trail, down the boardwalk, meandering along cypress drive and finishing up at the Erskine River. 
Many Sculptors will create new projects specially for Lorne and we will see an exciting mix of emerging and established sculptors. A $25,000 non-acquisitive prize will be awarded to one sculptor. 

Sculptors not represented by a gallery will also have an opportunity to be awarded the MARS Gallery Award.
A Solo Exhibition award will also be given by M.A.D.E Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka to a sculptor who is making a social, environmental or political comment within their work

Each Sculptor in the trail will also create a maquette for exhibition which will give collectors the opportunity to further support the sculptors in the exhibition.
Tom Mosby- CEO Koorie Heritage Trust, John Wardle - Architect and Jill Orr - performance artist.
Adrian Mauriks • Anthony Sawrey • Ben Laycock •Bronek Kozka • Damian Bateson • Dan Wollmering • Dana Falcini • Daniel Clemmett • David Waters • Elaine Miles • Faustas Sadauskas • Stéphane Guiran • Georgina Humphries • Jason Waterhouse • Jennifer Cochrane • Jenny Crompton  • Karleena Mitchell  • Liz Walker & Adam Hoss Ayres • Loretta Quinn • Mike Nicholls • Mark Cuthbertson • Matthew Harding • Richard Collopy, Vicki West & Penny Campton • Peter D Andrianakis • Peter Lundberg • Pimpisa Tinpalit  • Robert Hague • Roh Singh • Roman Liebach • Ros Bandt • Ryan F Kennedy • Skunk Control • Stevie Fieldsend • Takahiko Sugawara • Tas Wansbrough & Pauline O'Shannessy-Dowling