17 Mar - 2 April 2018

The art



Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Trail sites extend from the Swing Bridge to the Lorne pier. The trail includes the Pier and the traditional route from the Swing Bridge along the pine tree walk to the foreshore. Many sculptors have created new projects specially for Lorne and there is an exciting mix of emerging and established sculptors.


Sculpturescape and Land Art

In 2018 Sculpturescape has a specific focus on the Land Art movement. Artists use the environment and re-imagine it in clever ways either by introducing new materials or by rearranging what is already there.


Major Works

Works are site specific. Some are object-based and others are time-based using sound, light, projection or kinetics, and can be experienced in the evenings after dark.


Performance art

Performance art has had a long and rich history in Australia. It is a dynamic interdisciplinary, experiential art form that can be utterly spontaneous or meticulously planned, and the audience plays an integral role in the unfolding of the work.


Small Sculpture

The Small Sculpture exhibition is one of the great traditions of the Lorne Sculpture Biennale, where sculptors in the Sculpture Trail also create maquettes. In 2018 the exhibition will be held at the Church Hall. All works in this category are for sale and offer wonderful opportunities for collectors and art lovers to develop their collections, and offer further support the sculptors in the exhibition.