17 Mar - 2 April 2018

The Scarlett Award



Named in honour of Ken Scarlett, a curator and writer on Australian sculpture who regards himself as an observer and reporter and has actively worked to promote Australian sculpture for over 40 years.

Award: $3,000 cash

The Scarlett Award is a nationwide competition for Australian professional and non professional critics, artists and writers. It gives all the opportunity to contribute reviews about sculpture exhibitions or public art installations, whether as a solo, group, or a major event internationally and within Australia.

All reviews will be judged in the period leading up to Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2018 with a cash award of $3,000 being presented to the best written and most engaging review at the Landfall opening.


"Many sculptors often lament the lack of regular critical writing about contemporary sculpture and this award gives us an opportunity to address this whilst informing artists, expanding new audiences and engaging the wider community."
- Julie Collins (Previous LSB Curator)


Judges: To be announced at the launch in Lorne on Sunday 16th April 2017.

Submissions close: Fri 10 March 2017