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Lorne Lode: Sampling the Core. A musical performance by Michael Wallace

Sunday, 13 March 2022 - 4-5pm on site at Tea Trees precinct

Through referencing the revelatory unveilment of core samples Carmel Wallace’s creation of artefact assemblages highlights distributed, interwoven layers of time & space, the site being its core. This solo improvised saxophone performance seeks to draw together the array of sculptures within the environment through a sonic envelopment driven by the signifier ‘E’: exploring, encountering, embedding, excavating, examining, extrapolating, ecstatic, environment (the earth and all its inhabitants, human & non-human).

Situated in a surrounding of gnarly, twisted, ethereal tea trees and canopies of cypress, Michael’s performance will temporarily live alongside the artwork and the reverberations of momentary earth and inter-species resonances. It will seek to extrapolate to music the ideas embedded within the sculptures so that we might, for a moment, reconfigure how we relate to the environment through ecstatic encounter.

Michael Wallace is a saxophonist, creator, and arranger of improvised and composed music. His practice seeks to extend the histories of the tenor saxophone through situated, distributed, and embodied performance. This practice has seen him perform and compose in collaboration with contemporary musicians, dancers, and visual artists on both local and international stages.